About This Site

gina marie eaton the dreaming placeHi there! I’m Gina Marie Eaton. Welcome to The Dreaming Place, the ultimate resource for all things maladaptive daydreaming. My goal is to help people overcome this condition and use their daydreams to create positive change in their lives. Here, you can find strategies and self-help techniques that will help you take your daydreaming to the next level.

Why Did I Start This Site?

I haven’t always known about maladaptive daydreaming. For the longest time, all I did know was that I lived half of my life in my own head. For years I spent hours absorbed in daydreams, creating interesting characters and intricate worlds for them to live in.

But while I enjoyed my fantasies, they didn’t always make my life easy. Sometimes I would get so involved that I would forget to eat. Other times my daydreams kept me up at night. In conversations I would be half-listening and half-daydreaming. I could never get any schoolwork done without being interrupted by a fantasy. My daydreams were with me all the time.

At the time I thought I was the only one having these experiences. As I grew older, I looked for answers in multiple areas: psychology, nutrition, philosophy, meditation, and more.

Along the way, I learned the true reasons why I couldn’t stop fantasizing. Even better, I discovered that my daydreams didn’t have to be a burden. With the proper knowledge, I could turn them into an asset. Through some trial and error (and a lot of hard work!), I managed to overcome maladaptive daydreaming and use my natural creativity to better my life.

It’s not easy to find information on MD, or more importantly, how to live with it. This site was created to be the resource that maladaptive daydreamers need to survive and thrive.

There is hope.

If you’ve been struggling for years to control your MD, please don’t give up! Take a deep breath, relax, and explore the information on this site. This is your place to learn and grow. Put your mind at ease knowing that you are not alone.

May you find this site informative and helpful on your journey!